Ohayo Gozaimasu

Here are some photos of the past few days in California and Japan. So far we played three soccer games (one against the Biola girls' club in California, one against a junior high boys' team in Japan, and the third against a 50+ men's team in Japan); led one clinic for young girls (ages 6-16); played games with the church's AWANA club; dressed in Kimonos; and watched the Iwata vs. Kobe game. 

Interesting cultural fact I've learned: In Japanese restaurants, they don't tip and they don't use napkins.
Strangest food I've tried: Nato, fermented bean curd.
Most interesting experience so far in Japan: Sitting in the electric pool in the sento (community bath house).
Have a Happy 4th of July!




  1. Loved the photos! You look cute in the kimono. Thanks for the update.

  2. I love the Japanese culture, how they respect each other with the bow.