rip, pin and roll: book wreath

I made this yesterday as it poured down rain all day, not to mention the day before that. The epitome of a rainy-day-craft. All I needed was some hot apple cider and Bing's Christmas tunes in the background. I bought the wreath form earlier, intending to make this, but alas, it sat there naked until now. So here is what I did.
[I never used the scissors, actually, but] I started by tearing out pages, and then folding them two different ways. I never completely fold it so it creases. The first is a simple cone, where I staple the bottom (These will go on the outside of the wreath).

The second, I folded the bottom-left corner of the page with the upper-right corner, and then pinch the middle and fold it so it looks like so...
Then you staple to bottom.
Take the folded cones and glue them to the outside of the wreath form (you can use a wire wreath form, or a straw, foam or wooden one, it really doesn't matter)
After the cones are glued to the outside, begin gluing the smaller page folds to the larger ones, or straight to the wreath.
Keep going until its full and finished. And you're done.
I also made snowflakes to hang off the shelf in the living room. enjoy!
And these are photos of a Christmas-light boat event Ryan and I stumbled across when we wanted to catch the sunset. Pretty rad if you ask me.

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