Coffee & Friends in Portland

Some of the perks of a family owned coffee business is traveling to awesome places saturated with coffee culture in the name of knowledge. Last year, I went to Houston, TX for the SCAA (Speciality Coffee Association of America), where a man competed in the USBC (United States Barista Competition) using coffee he hand-picked from my family's farm. My sister and I represented K-town while he took the title and ended up getting 2nd in the WBC (World Barista Championship). Enough with the acronyms, fast forward 12 months, and it brought me and my sister to Portland. Let me tell you, it could not have come at a more perfect time. Where Arizona jumped to the triple digits, Portland saw some of its first sunny, Spring days. It was awesome. 

Mount Hood

cute houses

baby roaster and mega roaster





this is actually really cool. It's an 8-seater bike lounge for groups to go bar-hopping without having to drive...and it makes you work for your buzz.




and this guy. one of our friends unfortunately received a DUI years ago and had to have this breathalyzer installed in his car. He had to prove no alcohol was in his system in order to start the car, and random moments on the road. really Oregon?

and Nicole. forever-roommate, with her little nanny-ness

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