travel me tuesday (even though it's wednesday): giant's causeway

First of all, I'm still considering this Tuesday. Sorry if you disagree.
This week, I am taking you to one of my favorite places on earth. Located on the Northwest side of Ireland, somewhere between fairy tales and pots of gold, is this gem, Giant's Causeway.

Maybe it's just me, but Giant's Causeway is one of the most breathtaking places I ever had the honor to visit. Perhaps it was the 2 a.m wake up call and hours of bus, taxi, tube and plane travel to start the day. Perhaps it was my body saying I needed to rest, yet my conscious egging me on hour after hour. Perhaps it was my wonderful friends, Megan, Kaylene, and Patrick who joined me on this epic excursion. Or perhaps it was the utter realization of not knowing where you were going, and then suddenly finding yourself in a place you only thought existed in dreams. Whatever it was, it has stayed with me ever since.

Meet Megan and Kaylene

I should let you know that Megan was feeling awfully sick that day, whereas Kaylene and I were on cloud 9.

Note to self: it isn't where you go that makes the best memories, it's who you go with, and I couldn't have been more blessed that day at Giant's Causeway.


  1. Thanks for reminding me of this beautiful place. Some day we will do a reunion tour! Love you KB!

  2. What a WONDERFUL memory with two great ladies!!! This is great Kirstina! the 2am treck to the airport will forever be a memory to remember! Love you!