travel me tuesday

I'm slacking big time on the blogging. Turns out, it's a lot harder than it seems. Who would've thought? 
I have decided try a weekly commitment of blogging about travel. Why? 
1. I
2.  love
3. traveling

I will post places I want to go to and places I have been to before, but would love to go back. And I'll give little precursors to the trips I will be heading on in the near future (and I possibly have another trip, but it is still in the works), so stay tuned.

The first place is a little island off the coast of Naples, Italia. I don't remember much when I visited 7 years ago, but I do remember it's gorgeous! It's a called Ischia (with an Italian accent). 

My mom, sister, cousin and I stayed here for a few days and it was amazing! We walked through the narrow streets, was caught in a thunder storm, and I tried rabbit for the first time (still don't know how I felt about that). We also rented a fiat to tour the island one day, only to go up some rugged road and ended up with the rear tire 6 inches off the ground.
we left the car like that when we went on a hike

 Here are some more photos

Beautiful, right? There's just something about islands. I can't wait to go back...whenever that will be...

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