Nicaragua. Parte 2

This place is immaculate. Villa Esperanza is definitely the nicest placed I've ever stayed at for a missions trip. The Dump has been a different story. 
Yesterday, we worked at the school. The kids...so cute! There's a little girl named Darling, ugh, I want to keep her forever. We also helped the school set up for Mother's Day and they had a little celebration for all the mamas, which was, however...interesting. I can't express what we saw, but it has definitely been a fist to the face in many ways. 
Americanism and Christianity aside, this place is a feeding frenzy for perverted people to take advantage of innocence. 
We went back to the dump today to "tour" the houses, pray over families and help with a feeding station for kids. After, we cleaned at the church, El Faro.
Here are some photos Mason Shroeder took of yesterday and today.

Tomorrow we are cleaning around the Villa and helping the girls prepare for their Mother's Day celebration.
Please keep the girls at the Villa in your prayers over the next few days.

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