Update: Road Trippin'

In my other post about driving across the states, I began listening to this song over and over as the theme for the month of June. Well, at first there were three. Now, there are two. 

It's sad, but we have to make the best of it. I knew if one dropped, it would be easier for one or the other to fall away too, so I'm really happy to say that I have a one-way place ticket from the East Coast and both Lindsey and I bought our tickets to Bonnaroo!!

Our plan right now is to leave on June 3rd or 4th, and take the southern route before cutting into Tennessee. It should look something like this (which will probably change multiple times)

It gets better. I'm riding and driving with my roommate who drove on the freeway for the first time this week! This should be interesting. If you know anyone around these places, let us know, we would love to hang out with them!

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